Lanphier Light - Lanphier Legacy

and The Roar

This is a new section still under construction so please bear with me as I grow. Some of the newsletters were larger than the scanner so the pages were scanned in 2 pieces and then Photo Shopped back together, in case your wondering what that line is across the pages. Maybe with practice, I will get better. I'm working on several issues and will put them online as I get them complete.

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Final issue of the Lanphier Light was December 1981

T h e  R o a r




L e g a c y

December 1998

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L i g h t

February 6 1981

April 1981

October 14 1981

December 1981

Final issue of Lanphier Legacy December 1999

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January 1973

December 1974

March 14 1975

April 18 1975

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December 5 1963

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March 6 1958


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October 28 1943